Specifically tailored to achieve your individual fitness goals.

Get Into Shape With A Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer: Don’t you think it’s time you got the physique you’ve always dreamed of? If that’s not motivating you to get fit, your health and wellbeing should. Our health and well being are important. Our aim at North Shore Martial Arts Club is to guide you on your unique journey towards wholeness through our training sessions – whether your goal is weight loss, building muscle or feeling fit.Personal Training

Get In Shape And Get Healthy

Excess weight and a sedentary lifestyle is a major contributing factor to many people’s health issues. It’s natural for people to love junk and fast foods and most of us spend our days working hard in the office or at home, leaving little time to exercise. Having a personal trainer is one of the best ways to commit to getting into shape and reaching your weight loss goals.

For most people, going to the gym to exercise and eating well is a futile mission when you don’t have professional help in the form of someone motivating and guiding you. Think about how beneficial it would be having to have someone holding you accountable and supporting you as you meet your objectives. Successful athletes and sportsperson have coaches for a reason – it’s because they’re serious about transforming their lives.

It Takes Dedication

When you’re determined to reach a goal, you’ll do everything in your power to get it done. Long lasting results regarding body transformation requires a comprehensive understanding of workouts and nutrition. This means that you’ll need to be continually working towards maintaining the results you’ve set for yourself. At North Shore Martial Arts Club, our trainers will help you meet your targets, however long it takes because we believe in consistency and are here to help.

To develop a different outlook on your life, join us for personal training classes.


Come in and join us

Our one on one personal training sessions are specifically tailored to achieve your individual fitness goals. We make the classes fun, and they can even be combined with one of our specialties in kickboxing, boxing, urban defensive tactics or MMA.