Martial Arts 4 Kids is Fun.

Teaching Courage, Respect, Integrity & Loyalty for Children 3-13 years

Kids Martial Arts Classes

Kids Martial Arts: Martial Arts 4 Kids is fun. Our children’s programs are especially tailored for children from 3 years to 13 years and are in 4 categories, Mini Cubs (3 yrs – 4 yrs), Cubs (4 yrs – 6 yrs), Junior Tigers (6 yrs – 9 yrs) and Senior Tigers (9 yrs – 13 yrs).

Our programs are structured yet they are fun and educational. We strongly believe Martial Arts has an important role in the teaching of life skills embodied in the values of our Club:

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Mini Cubs (3-4 yrs)

Our program for 3-4 year olds introduces the children to the foundation of Martial Arts combined with:

The children will start on the white belt on the introductory grading system and will gradually advance to the Cubs program.

Cubs (4-6 yrs)

The Cubs class is tailored to introduce the children to the foundation skills and fun of Martial Arts. Each class will include a range of activities involving:

There will be a junior grading system of colourful belts to encourage positive attitude and development skills.

Each class is 40 minutes and can be taken once or twice a week.

Junior Tigers (6-9 yrs)

The Junior Tigers class is designed to introduce the skills of Martial Arts to build:

Each class will include fun activities involving kicks, punches and jumps as well as learning more complex Martial Arts patterns.

The children will be introduced to the Martial Arts grading system with coloured belts to encourage achievement of goals.

Each class is 40 minutes and can be taken once or twice a week.

Senior Tigers (9-13 yrs)

The Senior Tigers class is structured for 9-13 years to develop Martial Arts skills involving:

The classes will focus on structure, team work and belonging and in turn build on each child’s confidence, self esteem and resilience.

The children will continue the grading system of coloured belts introduced in the Junior Tigers classes to encourage skills development.

Each class is 40 minutes and classes can be taken once or twice a week.