Utilising boxing drills and Martial Arts kicking techniques in a high intensity workout.

Adults Kickboxing

Adults Kickboxing: Life can get overwhelming and the world can feel like it’s becoming less safe every day. The need to empower yourself is necessary – and even better if you can do that in a way that also encourages you to be healthier, fitter and happier. North Shore Martial Arts Club offers comprehensive adult kickboxing training with added goal and development program services, to help you achieve this. It’s suitable for any adult looking to make a serious lifestyle change and change in mindset.

At A Glance

Kickboxing is an art of its own. It’s a means of entering the realm of martial arts and kicking your way into fitness. At North Shore Martial Arts Club, we’re dedicated to giving adults kickboxing training that will get them into shape in a fun environment while learning self-defence.

Think you’re too old or feel too self-conscious to take a class? We find that this often gets in the way of adults opting for martial arts training. It really doesn’t matter if you have little or no training at all. Our experienced instructors use unique, tailored teaching methods that are easily adaptable to all students. Your current physical state doesn’t need to hinder you, as we’ve designed our adult kickboxing classes to compliment newcomers in all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. You get to develop your confidence and strength while learning to protect yourself in a friendly group environment.

What We Do

Our adult kickboxing classes combine kickboxing drills and martial arts kicking techniques in a single, high-intensity workout session. These classes include:


Come in and join us

Our classes cater to men and women who don’t just want to learn kickboxing but who also want to relieve stress, improve self-discipline, achieve set goals. It’s our aim to empower you while transforming your fitness levels. We’ll equip you with self-defence techniques, help you gain inner strength and confidence and show you that you can push yourself under the expert guidance of qualified instructors who want you to meet your ultimate potential.