A Fast Paced Boxing Class to Improve Your Strength, Stamina and Co-ordination

Adult's Boxing Classes

Adults Boxing Classes: You don’t need to be a fighter to learn boxing. Fitness should be your first instinct when you’re considering taking classes. To train with North Shore Martial Arts Club means that you’re learning how to box while being equipped with valuable skills and techniques that will come handy in your everyday life. We’ll bring out your inner strength and all it takes is signing up for our adult boxing classes.

Why Are You Boxing?

We know that there could be many different reasons for your decision to take up boxing classes. If you want to get in shape, our instructors will guide you on your path towards fitness. If you want to improve the training you already have, we’re more than happy to take you to the next level. Our boxing classes for adults are for all fitness levels and designed to equip with boxing fundamentals. You don’t need to be supremely conditioned or experienced as we’ll get you where you need to be.

Adults Boxing Classes

Training To Reach The Top

Our training programs are based on boxing techniques and drills. In each of our fast-paced lessons, we’ll give you boxing gloves and focus pads to test and build your:


Come in and join us

North Shore Martial Arts Club takes on adult boxing enthusiasts from beginner level. These classes deliver effective training workouts to help you master basic boxing techniques and fitness related conditioning. We’ll get you jumping rope, stretching, practising defence and evasion, powering through circuit training and mastering high-intensity interval training. In all our classes we use boxing conditioning to get you in the shape you desire and provide you with the correct techniques to stay in that shape.